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Personalized Safety.

The Science Behind It

Learn all about the virological, biochemical, and physical aspects of our products to gain full understanding of their mechanisms.

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Concerns About Antibacterial Products

At Sanitær we are considering the well-being of future generations, and we are conscious of the long-term effect of the ingredients of our products. 

Biological Mechanisms of Hand Sanitizers

Ethanol weakens the cellular membrane of bacteria, its possible through its amphiphilic nature.


In response to COVID-19, we created this section so You can learn about epidemiology, symptoms, and transmission

Chemical Ingredients

Learn about our ingredients through an analysis and full breakdown of their chemical structures.

Physical Experiments

Read about interesting ways hand sanitizers are connected to physics and how you can test this at home.

The Role of Essential Oils

Learn about the benefits of our special component in hand sanitizers, tailored to Your needs.

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